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Basic Info.

Stratovarius - Finnish band of melodic power metal, formed about 1989; One of the most famous bands around the world . Stratovarius is the inspiration of new talents such as Sonata Arctica.

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Current Line-up
Timo Tolkki - Guitar
Date of Birth: March 3rd 1966
Favourite films: Patch Adams, Will Hunting
Favourite sports: Jogging, Tennis, Swimming, Walking, Boxing
Favourite food: Italian food
Favourite drink: Water, Capuccino
Before Stratovarius: RoadBlock
To Stratovarius: 1984


Timo Kotipelto - Vocal
Date of Birth: March 15th 1969
Height: 171 cm
Favourite films: Bladerunner, Star Wars (The New Hope)
Favourite sports: Mountain Biking, Soccer, Gym, Rollerskating
Favourite food: Pastas, Salad
Favourite drink: Water, Beer, Red Wine
Before Stratovarius: Filthy Asses
To Stratovarius: 1994


Jens Johannson - Keyboard
Date of Birth: November 2nd 1963
Height: 179.5 cm
Favourite films: Clockwork Orange, Brazil, Apocalypse Now
Favourite sports: Sports?
Favourite food: Indian food
Favourite drink: Water, Coffee, Beer, Vodka
Before Stratovarius: Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio
To Stratovarius: 1995


Jorg Michael - Drums
Date of Birth: March 27th 1963
Favourite films: Clockwork Orange, Once upon a time in America
Favourite sports: Football
Favourite food: Stakes, Salad
Favourite drink: Beer, Milk
Before Stratovarius: Running Wild, Mekong Delta, Rage...
To Stratovarius: 1995


Lauri Porra - Bass
Date of Birth: December 13th
Height: 190cm
Favourite films: David Lynch, Lars von Trier, 70's scifi
Favourite sports: Swimming in the nature
Favourite food: Sushi, nepalese
Favourite drink: Beer
Before Stratovarius: Sinergy, Kotipelto, Warmen, Ben Granfelt Band, Kriya, Emma Salokoski ensemble etc....
To Stratovarius: 2005




Past Members
Guitar: Staffan Stråhlman (1984-85)
Bass: Jari Kainulainen (1993-05)
John Vihervä (1984)
Jyrki Lentonen (1984-89)
Jari Behm (1992-93)
Keyboards: Antti Ikonen (1988-95)
Drums: Tuomo Lassila (1984-95) (+Vocals1984-85)

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