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Basic Info.

Stratovarius - Finnish band of melodic power metal, formed about 1989; One of the most famous bands around the world . Stratovarius is the inspiration of new talents such as Sonata Arctica.

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About Us

NiM, is a desing group interested on giving people another point of view.

NiM official site

This project born about 6 months ago, when the group leader check the Stratovarius official web site, and he surprise that they didn't make any change on the web design sinse 2001. You may check, and you'll find that the last album they release on the discography section, was "Elements pt. II", and the only new info added was the "Maniac Dance" music video, and the new bass addition (Lauri Porra). But from that point on there is no chage at all.

So we decided to make a web site where you can find at least the last release they made. And trying to make things more interesting, we put a Music section; where you can download the complete full-lenght albums, and the official videos on the Videos section. Those videos you'll find that were taken from YOU TUBE® site.

And 'cause we know there are some guitar players on line, we put a Music Tab section, where you can find some of their songs for guitar.

Well, we dont take any more time, and we hope you will like the site. If any sugestion of changing the web site looking, please send us a mail so we will start working on it.

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