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Stratovarius - Finnish band of melodic power metal, formed about 1989; One of the most famous bands around the world . Stratovarius is the inspiration of new talents such as Sonata Arctica.

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History Out of the Shadows - Chronological.
- Stratovarius is founded by 3 guys from Helsinski.
- Staffman went the band, Tolkki gets in.
- The band release their first demo tapes. (Future Shock, Fright Night and Night Screamer as tracks).
- First single is release (Future Shock / Witch Hunt)
- "Fright Night" debut year, first full-lenght album released.
1992 - "Break the Ice" single released.
- "Stratovarius II" (Twilight Time) is released.
- Timo Tolkki goes for the first time to japan to make direct promotion of "Twilight Time" album.
- Jari Kainulainen enters the band.
- "Dreampace" album is released.
- The band makes a first time gig to Japan.
- Tolkki released his first album as a solo.
- New singer on the band,Timo Kotipelto joins the Stratovarius proyect.
1995 - Fourth Dimension is released.
- New drummer Jörg Michael and new keyboard player Jens Johansson entered the band.
1996 "Episode" album sees the light.
1997 - "Visions" was released
- Visions tour ive album is released. "Visions of Europe" was released with 100 minutes of material.
- Their seventh album "Destiny" is released.
- "Past and Now" best compilation disc is also released.
1999 - Their second best compilation disc "Chosen Ones" sees the light,
2000 - "Infinite" album is released.
- "14 Diamonds" best compilation disc is also realesed.
- "Infinite Visions" Documental DVD is released.
2001 - "Intermission" rare and bonus track compilation disc.
2003 - Both parts of Elements is released.
- Kotipelto started his solo project.
- After one year of split-up, they released the "Stratovarius" Album.
- After the released of Stratovarius album, Jari went the band and Lauri Porra joins.
- Wolrd Wide gig beggings
2007 - New material for 2008 is annunced.

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