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Stratovarius - Finnish band of melodic power metal, formed about 1989; One of the most famous bands around the world . Stratovarius is the inspiration of new talents such as Sonata Arctica.

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1. Hunting High And Low


I feel the wind in my hair, and it's whispering, telling me things,
of the storm that is gathering near full of power I'm spreading my wings
Now I'm leaving my worries behind Feel the freedom of body
and mind I have started my journey,
I'm drifting away with the wind I go I am Hunting High and Low
diving from the sky above looking for, more and more, once again
I'm Hunting High and Low Sometimes I may win sometimes I'll lose
It's just a game that I play
After the storm there's a calm through the clouds shines a ray of the sun
I am carried from all of my harm there is no-one that I can't outrun
Now I'm leaving my worries behind Feel the freedom of body
and mind I have started my journey, I'm drifting away with the wind I fly,

2. Millenium


More that I live More clear it's each day We got to change our ways
There is no way to go back anymore Eons rumble through space
We must find new ways to live I know there's so much more to give
Millennium - Where do we go?
Millennium - Time will show
Forevermore - The light will be guiding our journey
Millennium - Show us the way
Millennium - To the new day
Forevermore - Give us a chance to change
People may come and people may go But dance of time is eternal
What is the meaning of this cosmic play?
Will we see another day?
We must find new ways...

3. Mother Gaia


Time waits for no one So they say It goes on forever
The tears of pain
I see in your eyes
How can we change for the better?
Hate and greed`s getting stronger day by day
Injustice rules the world
Killing the lungs of the Earth
How far are we prepared to go?
I have seen the Light It came into my life There's no second chance
We should have learned by now
But it's not too late to change the course
There's so much more than this, oh Mother Gaia
Can you see, can you feel all the beauty that we have in this world?
There's so much to see, forever Ignorance, arrogance
Keep us from being ourselves so we just follow our leaders - Why

4. Phoenix


I am facing the truth I got to change the way I live
Can't go on this way The price is too high to pay
After the rain I feel the sun
See how I run to my destiny
Life is a game I got to learn how to play I make my own rules
'cause now I am free to choose
Courage and faith will show me the way Se how I run to my destiny
Like the Phoenix I rise From the ashes of life I don't need fortune
or fame Just some peace of mind
Like the Phoenix I fly leaving the lies behind
Future's golden for me There is no one who can stop me now
I'm noble and strong I'm walking down the road that I choose
Each day is a gift And I know that I can't lose
Glorious future is waiting for me See how I run to my destiny
Like the Phoenix...

5. Glory Of The World


The sun is setting on the pain the people freezing in the rain the
Earth is rolling in her grave
I beg the light up in the sky to make me whole,
to tell me why I can't be bothered to be brave
and I've been waiting, and hesitating, and then I see the curtain fall:
the wonder of it all
my heart was blind, but now I see I know the power and the glory of the world
I took a breath and now I'm free I feel the glory of the world
the demons sometimes find a way there's nothing keeping them at bay
but for the power of my mind
the road to paradise is long and halfway there,
I'm heading wrong I'm leaving all the pain behind
the wonder of it all my heart was blind,
but now I see I know the power and the glory of the world
I took a breath and now I'm free I feel the glory of the world

6. A Million Light Years Away


I don't know what to do I don't know who you are I'm calling from the silence
We have gone too far
I try to understand you, your life has been so cruel
Please try to see it my way I've got something to say
All those years Were not in vain
Even though there was much pain I try to learn from my mistakes
I want to make it up to you
A Million Light Years away from you
I am
A Million Light Years away from you
I hope that you?d respect my Honesty and faith And maybe you'd forgive me
If I could make you see I want to say I'm sorry
For what I did to you I'll get on with my life I hope you do that too
All the years...

7. Freedom


Higher I set my goals everyday I make my own rules that
I will obey each moment As long as I live
This is the life I was born to lead
Unique chance for me to express myself
And fullfill my dreams
I'm in control of this ship of mine
And everything will be just fine
Like the wind I'm free to go anywhere I got my song, it dances in the air
Now I know what I?ll do with my life
Now you will hear my freedom call
All those bad times I?ve had in my life
Change into blessings if I change the point of view I needed them to grow
I've changed so much, I'm finally free
To do what I want without any fear and quilt It's so amazing
I'm in control...
Like the wind...

8. Celestial Dream


Here in the Universe I find some things that are so hard to understand
The vastness of space just takes my breath away I see through history
The years they come and go
The seconds that will shape my destiny
The time that we spend here Is precious, that I see so clear
What is our place in here?
What is the meaning of the pain we feel?
Where did all this come from?
The galaxies, the moon the stars, oh I don't know
I really want to know what is the meaning of evolution
They say that we are the crown of all creation
So let's break free from these chains
Of fear, hate and greed
And join together singing our
Celestial Dream Freedom is awaiting
For those who take the path less traveled
And in the end we'll all sing our Celestial Dream

9. Infinity


Mother watch your children
The iron fist of fear is ruling our lives
It's not too late to change the course
We can make this world a better place to be in
How much more do we want until we're satisfied?
What happens when we have what we want?
Acquiring more , still there's never enough
We forget those who really are in need
The end is near, or so they say
Selling peace with guns
Infinity - Where do we go from here?
Infinity - Where do we go from here?
Infinity - Where do we go?
Infinity - Where do we go from here?
Guns spitting (out the) message of peace everywhere
Is it really that we don't care?
See mercenaries of fear selling love
Telling salvation comes from above
Arrogance and fear walking hand in hand
We must see that there's much more to life than this
Mother see your children
Make us understand and help us to find the way
The answers lie inside
They are locked inside to the vault of truth for us It's time
to spread the word around
Be yourself and do what you want to do with your life
Remember, you get just what you give
You reap all what you sow
You are in charge of your own life Infinity...
You make your own way As long as you are here
Find your place in life
Make your dreams come true
There's so much more than this
A million ways to live
Unlock the door
To the universe with love
Free your soul

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